Best Launchers for Android Phone

N Launcher is based on the latest Android 7.0 Nougat and support for Android 4.1+ devices. It is yet another light and fast launcher app with Android 7.0 Nougat style animation and design. It also comes with vertical style app drawer with A-Z scrollbar. It also supports Nougat style widgets and app drawer icon. You can also customize the icon size, layout, and colors in the launcher settings.

Nougat Launcher:

Nougat Launcher is another custom Android 7.0 Nougat Launcher and also it packs most of the new UI and features of the latest Android N Launcher. It comes with the new look of Android N style launcher with options to customize. It comes with translucent Nougat App Drawer and also has support for new Nougat Folders and older folder preview style options.

IN Launcher:

In Launcher is another useful Android 7.0 style launcher which packs a lot of customization options as well. It is a cool and modern launcher with support for 1000s of themes and icons. It comes with Android 7.1 style vertical drawer with recently used apps. There is also support for three drawer style, you have the choice. The app also comes with support for a-z sidebar in a drawer for quickly locating apps.

Nougat UI (Beta)

Unlike other launcher apps, this one is in beta but packs a lot of features. It comes with transparent custom status bar and curtain notifications in Android Nougat. The launcher is quite similar to Pixel launcher and adopts a lot of UI features.

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